Rosario Beach Images from Photolush – Friday Fives

Last week, I attended the Photolush conference that’s held annually in the PNW. A group of photographers came together to organize this conference so that other local photographers can come together to build community and learn. The original reason I registered was so I could meet more photographers, but I gained so much more. I’m excited to share with you my 5 reflections from my Photolush experience!

Rosario Beach Engagement Session

One – I got inspired

There’s something amazing that happens when you learn from others. There are photographers here who are awesome in one way or another. I learned from Tiffany Burke that the demand of being an entrepreneur, mom and wife are real and how to get through it. Jamie Buckley shared his passion projects and how we can contribute our talents towards a cause that can be amplified through photos. I learned from Brea Bursch on how I can run successful mini-sessions (stay tuned for more on that!). I left with so many ideas and ways that I can grow this year!

PNW Engagement Session

Two – I got out of my comfort zone

In my heart of hearts, I’m such an introvert. But attending the conference pushed me in many ways. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. I participated in an amazing session out at Rosario Beach where I got to create these images. Being outdoors isn’t my regular MO. I mean, I always appreciate being in the fresh air and being surrounded by the views once I get there. But I won’t voluntarily do it. I really did get so inspired by the new settings and playing with Mother Nature. I’m excited to find some of these local hidden treasures for future engagement sessions!PNW Wedding Photographer

Three – I made friends

When you are surrounded by people with common interest, this is fairly natural! I had a workshop buddy who I first met before I went into business. We both started our businesses around the same time, but we haven’t had the time to sit and share our journeys together. For two days, we bounced ideas off each other, shared meals, and cheered each other on during the print salon! It was great to deepen my friendship with her, and well as make new friends with other photographers as well.

Rosario Beach Engagement Session

Four – I created

The weekend included two different breakout shoots.  I LOVE to create images of beautiful people in love! These Rosario Beach images I’m sharing here are some of my favorites. I adore seeing the way two people connect and being able to capture that through my lens. The loving glances. The crinkly smiles. The gentle touches. I just soak it all up and shoot my heart out.PNW Wedding Photographer

Five – I had fun!

I laughed until I cried! It’s common that people over-correct being super serious and vulnerable with being silly. This led to alot of inappropriate humor and laughter. And I’m all about it.

This group really embraces #communityovercompetition! I look forward to Photolush again next year. Maybe even one day, I can share my talents as a presenter there. I would love that!