Coco Turns Two!

I can’t believe the day is here. Coco turns TWO! This past year has been full of milestone and memories.

Seattle Family Photographer

When I get to dabble as a Seattle family photographer, I especially love it when I get to photograph my own kids. You probably think that I do it more than I actually do, but I mainly only do it for special occasions. And of course, a birthday is one of them! I love documenting this milestone and thinking about how far they’ve come. It feels like just yesterday that she turned one.

They are only this small once

Seattle Family Photographer

The rolls are starting to disappear

Coco was blessed with some sweet rolls on her arm. As she’s gotten big this past year, they are starting to fill out and disappear. I would be lying if I said that didn’t make me sad.

Seattle Birthday PHotographer

The cheeks are still juicy

I mean, need I say more? Sometimes it will look like she was food in her mouth. I asked her to open up so I can check, and sure enough, it’s just her plump cheeks!

Seattle Family Photographer

She’s impressively sweet and kind

Maybe it’s a second child thing? Coco is extremely kind and thoughtful, even at her young age. She loves sharing toys of her big sister. Even if she’s enjoying her favorite foods, she’s always willing to give some to others so they can enjoy them too.

Second Birthday


She brings us so much joy. It’s really hard to describe. Besides being a pretty chill second baby (thank you!), her kindness brings us so much joy. Her smiles. The giggly laughter. All the sweet hugs and kisses.

Second Birthday Photo Ideas

Happy Birthday, sweet girl

I love you from the moon to the stars. Thank you for being our sweet girl.

Love, Your Mama

Second Birthday Photo Ideas

Dress: Hum Stitchery  from Salt and Honey Market